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Could you please let us know how many places (countries, regions, cities) the database contains?

More than 67000 by now. More information is included into release versions. Places are being continually added.

If I buy 1-year license, how often will I be able to download updates?

That is hard to say as the database is continually being modified. As of now, the updates are issued at least once a month. We are planning to make weekly updates in future.


Can I contribute to this project development?

You can assemble and give us data about some country (countries) and/or region(s), etc., so that we can improve the identification level.

Email us to get detailed information.

Who will assemble data (for example, collect multiple localities into single regions)? Who will proof-read the material?

We (CN-Software) will, until the amount of incoming data does not increase significantly. We will think of a different workflow in future if necessary.

What is the required degree of accuracy for latitude and longitude?

Currently, it is not that important. Specifying coordinates is not mandatory. The accuracy level—one that can be found in free, open sources.

Are English and Russian the base languages?

Only English is the basic and mandatory language. Russian as well as any other language is optional. After you add name in English, you can add names in any other language, the priority (not necessarily) ones are national (the language of a region) and Russian.

Are there source registers for Russian names of localities in other countries?

There are no special sources for this purpose. Anyway, Russian is an optional language.


I need database file in CSV format. What license type is it?

The distributive kit contains CSV-files with all objects. See documentation.

What form will updates have (diff or just new file)?

The updates are delivered as new files. We might make it diff in future.

Is there administrative divisions of such big cities as Moscow, New York and such?

Not yet.

Is there any hierarchy of places?

Yes, there is. Places consist of countries, regions, and cities. There is a hierarchical interaction among them.

Do places have unique identifiers?

They do. The objects have unique numeric identifiers. We guarantee that the identifiers don't change through the releases.

How accurate is the geolocation (as of country, capital, region, regional center, city) for different countries?

It depends on the country. As a rule the geolocation is accurate up to the city (regional center).

How do I know if database is up-to-date?

You can judge by the issue date of the current database release or update.

How to install Geobaza?

Extract the files from the archive, look through the examples of usage for different programming languages in the corresponding directories. For example: php/example.php.